FABLOX 2.0 is an intelligent robot for the storage and dispensing of drugs. The principle of its operation is very simple and intuitive - the names of drugs that the patient wants to receive are entered into the pharmacy system. This information goes to the robot, which first locates it and then delivers it in a few seconds to the dispensing basket. Thanks to this solution, the pharmacist does not disappear in the back room, but remains in constant contact with the patient. The time saved in this way can be spent on an interview, professional advice, providing valuable advice, thus increasing the quality of customer service.

FABLOX 2.0 not only finds and delivers the right products, it also has a self-loading function. When accepting a delivery of drugs, the pharmacist scans the code and places the package in the loading hatch. The robot then recognizes the packaging by the 1D or 2D code, measures it and transports it to the appropriate shelf. The device automatically downloads the invoice from the sales system, verifying the incoming delivery. In the event of a power failure or lack of electricity, it is possible to dispense medicines manually. After resuming work, the robot makes an inventory and is ready for further work.

Optimizing working time

30% more customers served daily
60% more time to talk to the client - faster and more professional service
65% more space for drug storage
80% less time spent in the warehouse
100% elimination of errors in dispensing drugs

The most important advantages:

  • modular expansion of the device
  • automatic loading of packaging
  • unloading the package 3-8 seconds
  • constant monitoring of the inventory
  • full synchronization with the sale systems
  • remote monitoring and diagnostics system
  • advanced security systems
  • possibility of extension with external conveyors
  • the possibility of personalizing the device
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