1) What in the event of a power failure or power cut?

In the event of a power failure in the network, the device is equipped with a UPS emergency power supply, which will allow for safe termination of ongoing processes. The device has been designed so that in the event of a complete power cut, the operator can open the door and manually take the necessary packaging. After turning on the power, the robot will inventory the inventory itself.

2) How many people can use the FABLOX robot at the same time?

Thanks to the independent loading and unloading system, the robot can be simultaneously operated by 3-6 operators. Five use systems for selling and unloading processes, and one handles the loading of the robot.

3) Does the installation of the FABLOX robot involve the reconstruction of the pharmacy? 

Not! The modular design and its dimensions allow the machine to be brought through a standard door. To operate the machine, all you need is a power supply and access to the network to synchronize the computer with the robot.

4) Can I test the FABLOX robot before I buy it?

Yes! We invite you to our showroom in Paczków near Poznań, where you can test the robot, check its advantages and talk about issues such as financing.

5) Is the robot economical?

Yes! The robot system goes into automatic standby mode when no new commands are given. Return to work mode is immediate.

6) Will my staff handle the robot?

Yes! The operation of the robot is very simple and intuitive. Of course, only authorized people can work on the machine, so when purchasing the machine, we conduct training at our company's headquarters, and after installation in the pharmacy, we repeat the reminding training with the staff.

7) Are the drugs safe?

Yes! An extensive security system watches over the safety of both drugs and employees. The system, to which only authorized employees can log in, protects against unauthorized access to the robot. In addition, the robot has a set of cameras and a perimeter safety system that blocks work in the event of a hazard.

8) Will I connect the FABLOX robot to my software?

The robot's software works as a plug-in. Connecting it to other software is not a problem. We work with the most popular communication protocols and have performed various synchronizations with software.

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