Reliability and experience

The FABLOX robot has an extensive and advanced security system. It allows not only the risk-free use of the machine by operators, but also the safe storage of drugs.

Before being loaded onto a specific shelf, each drug package is scanned, measured, photographed and cataloged. From the loading chamber, through the conveyor belt, to the manipulator, the package is monitored by the cameras. So it is not possible for a random product to get into the machine.

Only persons logged in to the system may join the loading and unloading process. This guarantees full control over the stock and excludes the actions of unauthorized persons.

The perimeter security system watches over the operators' safety. Each opening of the module door and violation of the safety zone is associated with the automatic shutdown of the robot, and the brakes with vertical axes stop the manipulator in place. The operator himself, in the event of noticing an error, can use the emergency switch.

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