1) What if a power failure occurs?

The device is equipped in UPS emergency power supply, which – in case
of a power failure – will allow safe completion of all ongoing processes.
The device has been designed so that in the event of a complete power
cut, the operator can open the door and manually retrieve the
necessary packaging. After switching the power back on, the robot will
run a self-inventory.

2) How many people can use the FABLOX robot at the same time?

Thanks to the independent loading and unloading system, the robot can
be simultaneously operated by 3-6 operators. Five operators can use
the selling systems and systems performing unloading processes, and
one can assist the loading of the robot.

3) Does the installation of the FABLOX robot necessitate redesigning
the pharmacy?

No! The modular design and its dimensions facilitate carrying the
machine through standard doors. To operate the machine, it is only
necessary to switch the power on and have access to the Internet to
synchronize the computer with the robot.

4) Can I test the FABLOX robot before purchase?

Yes! You can see a fully operational robot in our showroom in Paczkow
near Poznan, where you can test the robot, appreciate its benefits and
discuss various issues including the financing.

5) Is the robot energy-efficient?

Yes! The robot system goes into the automatic standby mode when no
new commands are specified. Return to the operating mode is

6) Will my staff be able to handle the robot?

Yes! The robot’s operation is very simple and intuitive. However, only
authorized personnel can operate the machine, so we provide initial
training at our company’s headquarters and, after installation in the
pharmacy, we repeat the training procedures with the staff.

7) Are medicines stored safely?

Yes! A comprehensive security system provides for the safety of
medicines and employees. It protects the system against unauthorized
access to the robot, and only authorized employees can log into the
system. In addition, a set of cameras, as well as an internal circuit
security system have been installed in the robot.

8) Do I connect the FABLOX robot to my software?

The robot software works as a plug-in. Although it was originally
designed to work with the KAMSOFT software, it may also be connected
to other software.