Perfect fit – adapt the Fablox robot to your needs

The modular design of the FABLOX robot allows for an adjustment of its capacity to the needs of any given pharmacy. This means that FABLOX basic and basic + model can be extended by adding additional modules, thus increasing the storage space. This guarantees a comfortable and very optimal solution. FABLOX not only searches for and delivers the right packaging. It also has a standard self-loading function. Initially, the pharmacist scans the bar code from the packaging and places it in the loading window. The robot then recognizes the package, measures it, and delivers it to the right shelf. Two independent manipulators allow simultaneous loading and unloading of medicines.

When creating the project and prototypes, the team of constructors eliminated all disadvantages and optimized the device. The FABLOX robot drive unit is equipped with the necessary number of actuators and industrial controllers from renowned manufacturers of global brands. The careful selection of designer components guarantees the correct operation of the device and secures a smooth motion of the loading and unloading elements. The actuators used in the construction of the robot are characterized by high power, and only a small portion of the full power capacity is used. This solution guarantees long and reliable work. All construction elements of drives, precision arms, overhead cranes or gripper rollers, as well as individual mechanical components have been designed by FABLOX engineers and manufactured in our modern machine park. It allows for direct control of their quality, enables the implementation of new technologies, and ensures constant access to spare parts. This solution significantly reduces the costs of repairs and guarantees the financial competitiveness of the service center. When designing the first Polish pharmacy robot, we made it our goal to construct a reliable and efficient device, accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. Currently, the FABLOX robot is an unmatched device on the Polish market in terms of price, offering solid support in the scope of services provided by your pharmacy.