Reliability, experience.

The FABLOX robot features an extensive and advanced security system. It allows not only a risk-free usage of the machine, but also provides safe storage of medicines.

Before being stacked onto a specific shelf, each package of medicines is scanned, measured, photographed, and catalogued. From the loading chamber, through the conveyor belt, to the manipulator, the packaging is tracked by the lens of the cameras. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for a random product to stray into the machine. Only staff logged into the system may initiate the process of loading and unloading. This guarantees full warehouse control and eliminates access of unauthorized persons.

Operators’ safety is supervised by the closed-circuit security system. Each opening of the module door and breach of the security zone causes an automatic shut-down of the robot, while the brakes with which the vertical axes are equipped bring the manipulator to a standstill. The operator may also use a manual emergency switch in case an error is observed.