UVC flow lamps

Safe for humans, Merciless for viruses!

The current pandemic has changed our daily behaviour and approach to disinfection.

The new reality requires unconventional measures to ensure that everyone functions safely in the public sphere.

In collaboration with a team of scientists from Poznań University of Technology we have taken up this challenge by creating an innovative air disinfection device - the Fablox UVC flow lamp, which ensures rapid disinfection of small rooms and effective disinfection of large areas.

Three types of FABLOX UVC flow lamps

The Fablox FX1, FX2 and FX3 flow lamps are disinfecting devices that use forced air flow. The device works by exposing the air flowing inside the lamp to UV-C rays. The disinfection process consists in the absorption of UV-C radiation by nucleic acids and the proteins of microorganisms, which damages the structure of their genetic material, thereby making reproduction impossible.

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