Operation of the UVC lamp

Fablox UVC is a disinfecting device based on a forced air flow system. It works by means of UV-C radiation that absorbs the nucleic acids and proteins of microorganisms, which as a result damages the structure of their genetic material, thereby inhibiting their reproduction. The device features two UV-C radiators and a patented flow channel with reflectors that extends the air flow path. The reflectors ensure double the dose of UV-C radiation inside the device (300J / m2), which, according to current knowledge, is sufficient to eliminate most bacteria, fungi and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (the average deactivating radiation level is 67J / m2). This ensures that indoor air is disinfected quickly and very effectively.

This innovative and unique feature makes our product extremely effective and at the same time very energy efficient. All kinds of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi and moulds sucked into the device are completely eliminated, and only clean, filtered air comes back out into the room where the Fablox UVC is located.

The Fablox UVC flow lamp is absolutely safe for the environment. As a result, it can be used in rooms where people, animals and plants are constantly present.

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