Our mission

Our mission – to fight microorganisims

Our goal and mission is to provide solutions that ensure that everyone can function comfortably and safely in the public sphere. Working closely with scientists from the Institute of Materials Research and Quantum Engineering and the Department of Vibroacoustics and Systems Diagnostics of the Poznań University of Technology, we have developed an innovative flow lamp using UV-C radiation. When working on this device we were guided primarily by the need to find a way to fight the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Based on scientific expertise and research, we have put together an innovative device for which a patent is currently pending that makes use of a highly effective UV-C light source. It is several times more effective than other devices available on the market and the dose of UV-C radiation of 300J / m2 is sufficient to eliminate most bacteria and coronaviruses, including SARSCoV-2.

Pharmacy solution

Pharmacy robot FABLOX
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